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A new branding for a new product,the knitting kits designed by me using all the wools designed and processed from my local wool from my local sheep here in the Upper Dale

They are all good from the Zwartbles worsted spun that I started with through to the BFL /Shetland mix (secret recipe blend) which is just beautiful to work and wear.Next we have a true pedigree yarn in our pure cream BFL…

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Fabulous Workshops

When you travel a long way to a workshop it is because of 2 reasons.
1.Brilliant artist you wish to learn from
2.Brilliant venue.

My latest journey to Baard in The Netherlands lived up to all expectations and in fact in both points were better than expected.

Truus has extended her venue space and we had the plus factor of all eating together every night so nearly residential.The food was great…

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Saying Goodbye

Maybe it is a time in your life when you seem to be saying that long Goodbye so many times.
Today another Goodbye as I learnt another old friend who lived a wonderful life had left us.

I did feel sad but also glad I had known him for over a quarter of a century.Kendrick was a huge inspiration to my son and to many other young musicians.

I tend to plant trees when I am happy but also when I am…

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Yarn and colour or Chrissie Day with Yarn Garden.

Yarn and colour or Chrissie Day with Yarn Garden.


I cannot help it it us a hoooo yah moment holding skeins of yarn from sheep I is an even bigger thrill to now be working with expert dyer George from TheYarnGarden to thrill you brilliant knitters who love my Pedigree Blue Faced Leicester Yarn, worsted spun and feels heaven to the touch.
New kit designs, new colours,all exciting coming your way to a show near you.
On another note how…

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New Baby New Book

New Baby New Book

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging world these last  few weeks as my mind has been full of Babies.My own 1st grandadughter

and knitting for Babies.

Well Abigail is here now 7lbs plus of beautiful baby and the last 2 items for my new book are done.

The book Knitted Modern Classics For New Arrivals using Rowan Yarns and will be for sale where you buy your Rowan Wool.

It has been challenging…

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Magical Day

Yesterday the sun shone the flowers bloomed and the birds sang extra sweet to announce the safe arrival of my new baby Granddaughter.
I am dizzy with excitement and love and say a huge big Thankyou to all midwifery staff and doctors at Derriford Hospital Plymouth.
So today starts a new journey and role in my life —- bring it on.

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